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Whether from optimism or perhaps out of denial, people in a relationship miss the warning signs that lead to its failure. I fell into this trap and wanted to share my experiences and that of others to help those save a struggling relationship.

We will share and point out that the warning signs are real—that people do change. Both you and the person you married 7-14 years ago have changed and neither of you are the same person you were, due to your amalgamated experiences. What should not have changed is the attraction or love that bonded you together in the first place. The foundational commitment between husband and wife is vital to helping the couple strengthen their bond and allowing the family to grow.

The discussion of divorce does not usually start when times are good, but when life presents challenges. During these tenuous and stressful periods, the icing of the relationship is removed and the true tenants of the marriage are exposed. Our character is defined on how we handle these challenges and more so, how we intercede with our spouse during this time.

Marriage has never been easy, but these days, it has a greater amount of static and distraction pulling against it. Today, we have a multitude of distractions: from electronics and social media to two career families balanced with the kids’ needs/activities. If you throw in society’s prevalent focus on individual freedom, we find a modern day marriage that is crippled and challenged by outside interference. I equate the outside noise to standing in a room with 40+ people communicating all at once and you have to determine which message you allow to be received. Whose message resonates and why? More importantly, how

Overwhelmingly, every failed marriages sustained injury to at least two of what I consider to be the five most important traits that will doom a marriage. This book is designed to be used and read by both parties in the relationship, so they can use it as a blueprint to watch for these Five Aspects that are detrimental to the viability of the relationship.